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Organic Agriculture


Ecology - Irrigation

We have adopted several methods for minimizing our water and energy consumption and environmental impact. In particular:

We have employed drop irrigation with direct delivery of water to the tree roots by way of pipes attached to each tree’s trunk. Evaporation is completely eliminated so that the surface soil remains dry; consequently, beyond further (and considerably) reducing the quantity of water used (by about 80%), this also eliminates the need for the burdensome summer task of manually weeding around the trunks.


For the hundreds-of-years-old olive trees, we created customized irrigation implants according to the width of each tree’s crown, with 8 to 14 drops of water and a closed faucet. The same system can also water small plants, but larger plants use a much more developed and more deeply penetrating root apparatus. The faucet is opened in cases of extreme, prolonged dry spells and where there is evidence of suffering by individual trees.


By irrigating in this way, we also discourage the summertime breeding of olive fruit flies, keeping them low in number and further reducing their population with traps applied to the trees.
In the Artesian wells, we have installed submerged power-reduced pumps (2 CV, or 1.5 Kw/h) that create minimal variation in the water table with respect to the large pumps usually used for irrigation.
We’ve also extended drop irrigation to other types of trees (fruit and citrus trees, bushes, potted plants, vegetables, etc.).
The reduction in water consumption has also entailed a substantive reduction in energy consumption.

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