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Extravirgin olive oil


Produced from perfectly healthy olive, harvested and chosen by hand; exclusively from our production.

The harvest is done principally with gloved hands and with the help of small rakes when necessary. For secular trees nets are used with the help of portable vibrators.

The harvest is performed in stages based on the level of maturity of the olives which is different for every variety of olive. This technique exalts the unique characteristic of each type of olive and produces an olive oil with the maximum percentage of natural antioxidant.

By testing the oil we can note the following characteristics:

  • Colour: yellow with green reflection.
  • Fragrance: "fruttato", light.
  • Individual fragrance of herbs, artichoke and apple.
  • Spicy: no.
  • Bitter: no trace.
  • Taste: pleasantly sweet; after the first decanting the taste becomes full, well rounded harmonious, very agreeable to the palate, able to bring out the maximum flavours of cooked foods; exceptionally good on bread, on salads and in "pinzimonio".

The oil is not filtered, but rather decanted in a natural way.
The maximum acidity is always inferior to 0.7, with certain years even less (between 0.1 and 0.3).

For the Nature's Lovers


"The Sun Estates" is an hospitable enterprise and all are welcome; the main objective is quality guaranteed.
In every season nature offers us incomparable sights.


  • Have you ever seen an almond tree in flower?
  • And peach trees? Apricot trees? And golden plums?
  • And arbutus trees?
  • And olive trees? Did you know that one olive tree can produce as many as half a million flowers?
  • Would you enjoy eating fruit directly from the trees? Our guests do!
  • Would you like to see with your own eyes with how much care we gather our olives?
  • Did you know that each quality of olive tree produces a different type of oil?
  • Did you know that there are "years" for oil as there are for wines?
  • Have you ever smelt the fragrance of extra virgin olive oil in an oil factory?
  • Did you know that the colour of olive oil is a milky green when it has just come from the press?
  • Have you ever tasted extra virgin olive oil just as it comes from the "separator"? Everything will taste dead and boring afterwards
  • Do you know what olive oil "mosto" is? And olive oil of "affioramento"? Have you ever used unfiltered raw olive oil as a condiment?



There are many other questions which we would be happy to clarify ; only then will you appreciate the riches that our beautiful Italy possesses.

Until Then:

Gianni & Graziella

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