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Vacation Ideas: What to do?

The wide spectrum of options is so varied that it can satisfy even the most diverse preferences, avoiding a one-size-fits-all “package vacation” and making it possible to personalize your vacation according to your own tastes.

Here everyone goes to the sea. Of four beaches total in all of Puglia to receive a “blue flag” in 2007, two of our beaches made the list. In front of our property extend about 20 kilometres of beaches of every type and size, from little coves for families to huge expanses of white-sand beach.


Some guests prefer to relax on our property under the shade of ancient olive trees, enjoying a cool sea breeze or chatting with the volunteers who come to our farm from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Germany, France (and all over the world) to learn about organic farming and experience life in Italy. Others visit the splendid WWF reserve in Torre Guaceto, the only combined sea and land reserve in Puglia, where underground fresh-water springs flow into the emerald sea.

Many people visit nearby towns (such as those suggested here on our website), chock full of events and festivals. Others venture further afoot and visit the Parco del Pollino, the Gargano peninsula, Monte Sant’Angelo, the Umbrian Forest, or the sassi (unique rock dwellings) of Matera.


Some choose explore the famous gravine (a series of about 60 large canyons with unique flora and fauna), discover the painted caverns of the Byzantines, or even probe the depths of the imposing Castellana caves.

There are those who go fishing, scuba dive, or take a jog in the fresh morning air. Others visit the underground olive presses, enjoy an evening of the traditional pizzica (there are more than 100 active groups with excellent pizzica dancers) or even experience the famous night of the Taranta. Some visit the sanctuary of the Madonna della Scala (the Virgin of the Steps) in Massafra, visit the cavern of a prehistoric pharmacist, live the “night of the fires” in Locorotondo, or experience the customs of Svevia di Oria. Still others go to the castles, to the cavalcata (horseback ride) in Ostuni, to the beaches of Carovigno, lit by bonfires on the night of San Lorenzo, or to the special events and evenings held at the reserve of Torre Guaceto.


And lots of guests enjoy traditional Puglian cooking: orecchiette ( a kind of pasta ), sauces, vegetables and meats cooked in a hundred different ways; our extra-virgin olive oil, aromatic and flavourful; local wines; freshly caught fish . . . there are dozens of dishes exalting the unique and unforgettable flavours that together constitute one of Puglia’s greatest treasures. .

To those who go for “cultural discoveries” or gastronomic ones, for the trulli dwellings or for the fortified farmhouses, for dolmens and caves, for song and dance, or for rural festivals, here’s our sincere wish that you can rediscover true contact with Nature – the same splendid and vital Nature that has so generously rendered this region unique and special.


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