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Presenting Ourselves

Gianni and Graziella left the big city life in 1991, its ratified and conventional myths, abandoning their social position and careers, but also its never-ending degradation due to traffic, pollution and all the rest …
They completed the work they had already started, creating from nothing an firm with its own registered trade mark. Now they bottle and store their products themselves. They reclaim lands, renovate buildings, channels, protective fences and cultivations. They discover underground water with the help of a water diviner, a friend of theirs; they have created a perfect habitat for hundreds of olive trees, fruit trees pines, flowers and all drip – irrigated causing little environmental impact
They acquired their profound knowledge by experimenting and reading everything they could on the subject, and the continual improvement of quality achieved has placed the extravirgin olive oil of "The Sun estates" on a level of excellence and safety; in fact the products are sealed before they leave the store – house to be sent by directly to the client.
In their little paradise Gianni and Graziella fondly receive all nature lovers who appreciate the open – air life, the blue sea and the clean free beaches. All guest are indiscriminately welcome, free without any obligation, fixed hours, social convention or the necessity to appear.

Our Estates

  • Size: 11 acres.
  • Altitude: mt.120
  • Zone D.O.P "The Hills Of Brindisi"
  • Olive trees: 1.200.
  • Principle varieties of olive trees : olearola ostunese, cellina di Nardò, cima di Melfi, toscanina, leccino, pendolino, cipressino, greca, mele, termite di Bitetto
  • Other trees : 350 including pines, oaks, chestnuts, mulberries, hazel-nuts, many antique fruit trees, figs, almonds, grapes, etc…
  • Other trees and flower bushes: 200
  • Products:
    - Extravirgin olive oil (delivery in Italy and CEE countries)
    - Preserved black olives
    - Almonds, walnuts and hazel nuts
    - Pickled and salted capers

The Synthesis of Extravirgin Olive Oil

  • Maximum respect of nature.
  • Exclusions of poison and herbicides and chemical fertilizers.
  • Exclusive use of natural fertilizers.
  • Green manure.
  • Coloured insect traps, segregated insect traps, natural insecticides.
  • Meticulous manual labour, drip irrigation with little environmental impact.
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