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Ecology - Electrical Systems

The principle concepts that have guided our actions in recent years have been bringing the electrical systems into regulation with the installation of modern differentials and grounding; testing the systems made for us by certified craftsmen; and gradually reducing energy consumption without impacting the quality of performance. In particular, we’ve performed the following projects:


  • Replacement of all electrical water heaters with more modern ones
  • Replacement of all the bulbs used in street lamps (about 40 total) with low-consumption and higher-luminosity light bulbs (lowering energy consumption in each bulb from an average of 75 Watts to 15-20 Watts)
  • Installing light-sensitive switches on all external systems so that they turn on and off automatically according to the changing light of the mornings and evenings.
  • In progress is the gradual replacement of light bulbs used indoors with low-consumption light bulbs.

Currently we’re studying the possibility of installing small groups of blended alternative energy units using solar and/or wind sources that have little or no environmental impact. The goal is for these units to produce energy all day, all night, and all year, in good weather and bad, to reduce the cost of electricity. Further initiatives will then seek to expand this energy production to entirely eliminate our consumption costs and sell the surplus energy as a farm product.

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