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Organic Agriculture



Since the beginning of our adventure (1981) with the formation of the first centre of the future Poderi del Sole (Sun Estates), we have sought to promote the protection and improvement of the region, the fertility of the land, and the conservation of ancient trees, wisdom, and traditions. And we’ve aimed for continuous improvement in quality that, after 25 years of concentrated effort, has reached a level of excellence.


The immediate adoption of organic agriculture – in a cultural atmosphere then completely ignorant to the organic movement – the constant search for minimal environmental impact and for continual improvement to the fertility and “cleanliness” of the land laid the groundwork for further general improvements and expansion.


After 15 years of intense work aimed at reclaiming and rehabilitating the land (much of which had been carried away in stormwater runoff) – building storm defence structures, planting, renovating, etc. – we went forward with efforts focused on containing and reducing consumption, minimizing the already reduced environmental impact (both on the soil surface and underground), seeking energy-efficient water distribution and recovery systems, and protecting the water table. In particular, we have paid particular attention to:
- Irrigation  
- Restoration of the Water table  
- Water tanks and storage  
- Sewage  
- Electrical systems  
- Environmental re-balancing  
- Insect traps


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